Workshop / 01

Build your own serverless video sharing website

with Lambda, API Gateway and Firebase

Learn how to build your very own video sharing website, like YouTube, using serverless technologies. During the workshop you will build an entire end to end system (along with an HTML5 website) that's powered by AWS Lambda and API Gateway, S3, Elastic Transcoder, Firebase, Auth0 and much more. As you are guided through the workshops you will also learn about useful patterns and architectures such as "compute as backend" and "compute as glue". This workshop is suitable for beginners and experts alike (and if you are an expert we'll be sure to challenge you just a little bit more).

Workshop / 02

OpenFaas in a Raspberry Pi Cluster

In this workshop, you will learn how to build a Kubernetes Cluster with several Raspberry Pi as servers along with how to run OpenFaas though some practical use cases. Step-by-step guidance will be provided.

Workshop / 03

Build apps for voice, chat, web and mobile

in Google Google Assistant/Google Home and Firebase

This workshop is in two parts:
Part 1 will cover building a serverless chatbot for Google Assistant and Google Home In this workshop, we’ll learn more about the concepts behind chatbots, the progress that technology has made on machine-learning, and more concretely, how you’ll be able to create & design your own chatbots using Google’s Dialogflow agent platform and Cloud Functions for implementing the business logic required by your bot.

Part 2 will cover building a web or mobile app with Firebase and Google Cloud When you build an app using Firebase, its Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) takes care of data storage, synchronization, file storage, authentication, and other backend functionality so that your time is spent polishing user interactions. In this workshop, we will guide you through building a sophisticated, real-time app using only the Firebase SDKs. The instructor will be building a web app, but the codelab is available for iOS, Android, and Web.

Workshop / 04

Develop Serverless Applications

with IBM Cloud Functions
  • Andreas Nauerz

    Senior Technical Staff Member & Technical Program Manager at IBM Cloud

Learn the basics and strengths of IBM Cloud Functions (and Apache OpenWhisk). In this workshop you will learn how to develop serverless applications composed of loosely coupled microservice-like functions. You’ll play with our CLI and UI and become an IBM Cloud Functions star by implementing a weather bot using IBM’s Weather Company Data service and Slack. You will also investigate how to use other components like our API Gateway integration. Finally, you will find out how to package and deploy your entire serverless application together using the Serverless Framework.